Our Body Sugaring Courses!

Classic Body Sugaring Certification Class


This two-day training class provides you with the essentials to begin body sugaring and begin your own career. We explore body sugaring as well as the business aspect of being an entrepreneur. The class dives into the anatomy of skin, while also teaching the classic technique of body sugaring. You will learn both theory and practical and leave you feeling confident to move forward in your sugaring career. The classic class will teach you about full body sugaring including the Brazilian, but for more in depth knowledge on Brazilians you can take our extra “Brazilian” course.  


Brazilian Class


Our Forte! And we love them! Why? Because it bring the most business.  A four-hour class that teaches you every detail to know about Brazilians. The top, the side, the middle, the back, you name it we cover it. Each Practitioner is expected to have 2-4 months sugaring experience before taking the course. We will go over common problems that a practitioner might come across while sugaring this body part and how to solve them, this class will also cover some shaping. 


Prerequisite: students must be a certified body sugaring practitioner


Everything Face Class  


Your clients are walking billboards for your business! Do you want them looking perfect? This class will make that happen for you. This 2 hour class will teach you everything you need to know about facial sugaring. From shaping brows, to cleaning side burns, as well as lip, chin, and cheeks. 


Prerequisite: Students must be a certified body sugaring practitioner  

Refresher Class


Already certified? But looking to improve technique and increase knowledge in body sugaring, this is the class for you. This 4 hour class will touch base on the basics and proper technique. We will open up a time for Q & A, and leave space for students to specifically ask for help in areas they are lacking knowledge in.  


Prerequisite: Students must be a certified body sugaring practitioner



Perfetta Certified Practitioners receiver 10% off all of our products! To be used for professional use only.


Not Perfetta Certified? If you are looking into using Perfetta Sugar and products in your salon please contact us to learn how! 


Note: Practitioners must make a minimum purchase of one of Perfettas Salon Kits before the completion of any class. Deposits for the class are non-refundable but are transferable to another Perfetta Course. (Includes Hair Extensions)